connecting people and art

connecting people & art

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Portland, Oregon

"Jonny's dad, Rick, has just passed away, and we are here in Hebo, 
spending time with his mom, and having an afternoon of art therapy.
Jonny found some great old photo albums, and a portrait of Rick from
when he was 15. I haven't drawn or sketched in quite awhile, years, but I gave 
it a shot working from the portrait. I have clearly taken artistic liberties, but 
somewhere in there, is Rick's spirit."
Jamie Smith - Portland, Oregon.

Jamie Smith

"I drew this U.F.O. using colored pencils and oil pastels. I just let my imagination take over and this is what it came up with. Maybe it's my love of early sci-fi films that took me there (and boy did I go there). I was able to push and mold some of the oils with the colored pencils. It was a bit like carving colors, FUN!"
-jonny fell

Jonny Fell

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