connecting people and art

connecting people & art

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seattle, Washington

Kate Kremer ~ Seattle, Washington

Eugene, Oregon

Rose Proctor ~ Eugene, Oregon

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More from Portland, Oregon

Zina Penny  ~ Portland, Oregon

Camille Charlier ~ Portland, Oregon

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Portland, Oregon

"Jonny's dad, Rick, has just passed away, and we are here in Hebo, 
spending time with his mom, and having an afternoon of art therapy.
Jonny found some great old photo albums, and a portrait of Rick from
when he was 15. I haven't drawn or sketched in quite awhile, years, but I gave 
it a shot working from the portrait. I have clearly taken artistic liberties, but 
somewhere in there, is Rick's spirit."
Jamie Smith - Portland, Oregon.

Jamie Smith

"I drew this U.F.O. using colored pencils and oil pastels. I just let my imagination take over and this is what it came up with. Maybe it's my love of early sci-fi films that took me there (and boy did I go there). I was able to push and mold some of the oils with the colored pencils. It was a bit like carving colors, FUN!"
-jonny fell

Jonny Fell

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hebo, Oregon

Rick Fell drew this pencil sketch of an eagle. He saw it fly by a few weeks ago from the view of his home at the Oregon coast. He was inspired daily from nature and would carve and paint what he saw around him. This was done a week before he passed away and was one of many drawings he did in his last few months.

Rick Fell

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long Beach, California

Lightning In a Box

Ron Smith

Working on the art box has been a labor of love. After many years working with metal it's great to work in wood, softer, gentler, alive and colorful.  The drawing combines my early training in graphic design with a slight nod to 60's hot rod art.  People have been curious as to how the logo was burned into the wood box, so without giving away any voodoo secrets, the drawing provides a visual hint. Let's call it lightning in a box. The project is a great idea.  I'm excited to follow the progress as the Art Box travels from hand to hand.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Art Box Project is Launched!

A year after the idea was conceived The Art Box Project is now officially launched!  What is The Art Box Project? Simply put, it is a box filled with art supplies that will travel (hopefully far and wide) to meet up with different people along the way who will use the materials in the box to create works of art.  The "artists" of the project will submit photos of their artwork to be published here and then pass the box on to another person somewhere else.  The idea is to create a global community of people connected through art (whether or not they originally considered themselves an artist).  Follow the blog to see where The Art Box Project travels, the people who come into contact with the box, and the artistic creations that come through it!

The artist of the actual box is Ron Smith.  He used leftover (from a surfboard project) red and white cedar wood that originally came from a sustainable forestry mill in Maine.  The logo was burned into the top of the box and a handle was attached for easier transportation.  (Thanks dad, if it weren't for you, the project might not have ever left the drawing board)!